6 Tips to Prepare for Media Interviews

Media interviews are a great tool to position your business, products, and expertise for fantastic results. Before you capitalize on publicity opportunities, make sure you know what to do to prepare for interviews.

  1. Know the objective. There is no need – and no real bottom-line result – in being interviewed for an interview’s sake. You should decide in advance what you want to accomplish and plan accordingly.
  2. Know your key messages. Plan your talking points and key messages prior to the interview and work them into the interview.
  3. Know your audience. Determine which audience will read, view or hear your interview and tailor your messages accordingly. Relate your information to the appropriate audience.
  4. Know your medium. There is a big difference between national, local and industry news outlets. Make sure your messages have either an angle that will resonate in your local community, appeal to a broader audience nationally, or are targeted to a specific industry.
  5. Know the context of the interview. Is the interview live or taped? Who else is being interviewed? What is the article about?
  6. Know your interviewer. Understanding how a reporter has covered your industry will help guide your interview. Take a look online at what the reporter has covered and who has been interviewed.

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(Image: Rawpixel on Pixabay)